Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Spencer Pratt: Pathological Liar, Evil Genius, or Both

Why is it every time Spencer Pratt gives an interview it's filled with what we all know are lies? The following recounts many of my favorite lies so far:

The Proposal:
When asked about his engagement to Heidi at the Hills Premiere Party he told areporter. “What Engagement?” He told another reporter, “We would never get engaged on Lauren’s show”. But we saw you, Spencer. You got engaged.

The Ring:
Spencer claimed in an interview that he went ring shopping with Heidi and she picked out the amethyst ring. In another interview, he claimed he was shopping, saw the ring, and after he bought it, the sales person told him it was an engagement ring. But we all saw on The Hills, Spencer went with Brody ring shopping, for the sole purpose of buying an engagement ring.

Pathological Liar, An Evil Genius, Or Both:
Here is where the evil genius comes in. Spencer is a douche. We all know this, and we hate him. But what if he could convince us that The Hills were fake? Then would we think he was a douche? (Well, I still would) Heidi keeps insisting that Spencer is playing a part on the show. And now with the series of crazy interviews Spencer has been giving, I believe he will claim that The Hills is fake and that the ring buying and proposal were staged - by request of MTV. There have been a few planted items lately that The Hills is scripted and Lauren Conrad is mean and manipulative when the cameras stop rolling. We believe that Spencer is behind this. So, We think he is both.

His Master Plan Uncovered:
Speidi will claim that MTV asked them to do certain things during filming. And that the show was fake, scripted and staged. They will claim that they are doing a new reality show to let viewers see the truth about them.

I will continue to point out these “inconsistencies” as the season progresses.